IGS 66th Annual & Scientific Meeting, Sept 2018

Conference Theme:

Transforming Ageing Across Borders

Thurs 27 (evening) to Sat 29 September 2018

Slieve Russell Hotel, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan

#igs2018   @irishgerontsoc

Abstract submissions open 1st Feb 2018 and close 1st May (midnight)

(page updated on 12 Dec 2017, more information soon!)


noun     origin: Early 20th century: from Greek gerōn, geront- ‘old man’ + -logy
The multidisciplinary scientific and scholarly study of ageing and older people.

noun    origin: Irish Gerontological Society, November 2017
The study of the impact of Brexit on Gerontology in Ireland and the UK. With the purpose of identifying weaknesses and strengths, and exploring threats and opportunities - for Gerontological communities.