The Irish Gerontological Society (IGS) is an all-Ireland interdisciplinary professional organisation which enables research and education on ageing that translate into improved and age-attuned practices and policies.

Transforming ageing ..

Founded in 1951, The Irish Gerontological Society (IGS) is one of the oldest multidisciplinary societies in the world concerned with gerontology: the science and study of the ageing process. We are engaged with research, education and practice in the field of ageing.  This includes the study of changes in older people’s physical and cognitive health, and the social changes people experience as they age.

..through new, useable, research-based knowledge..

Our core purpose is to create value by providing leadership in advancing the science and study of ageing. 

Our role is to connect professionals and experts; foster new research; translate research evidence into policy and practice; and disseminate new knowledge to our members, decision-makers and society. In doing this, we drive improvements in the care and wellbeing of older people.

..and interdisciplinary and cross-speciality engagement and collaboration..

Members of the IGS stem from the whole of Ireland, representing professions and disciplines involved in areas such as health and social care, economics, the social and built environments and technology. 

..towards improvements in the wellbeing, health and care of older people..

As champions of optimal ageing, we strongly believe in the strength and impact of our combined expertise and efforts. Our members connect, collaborate and network at our scientific meetings, seminars and study days. Engagement is encouraged and enabled through attendance at our events and participation in our committees, project teams, and special interest groups.

..for a better world for everyone which is age-attuned.

We stimulate debate and action on improving the well-being and empowerment of older people. We contribute to public discussion by being an authoritative voice on all aspects of ageing, informed by evidence-based research and professional practice experience. We do this in pursuit of our vision of an age-accommodating and age-attuned society, where older people are not left behind.

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