Message from Our President


Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea, President, Irish Gerontological Society

First meeting of the 2017/2018 National Executive Committee

L to R. Aisling O'Halloran, Rose Galvin, Miriam Ahern, Diarmuid O'Shea, Derek Hayden, Elizabeth Moloney, Robin Webster, Sarah Cosgrave, Jonathon O'Keeffe, Elaine O Connor. Not in pic Lorna Roe.

November, 2017

Message from Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea:

On behalf of the 2017/2018 National Executive Committee it gives me great pleasure, as President,  to welcome you to the website of the Irish Gerontological Society (IGS).  Our society is 65 years old this year, and is more essential, vibrant and interdisciplinary than ever.

Founded by Dr John Fleetwood and Prof Jerry Jessop in 1951, the Society has developed into an interdisciplinary professional organisation whose membership reflects the complexity and diversity of those interested in promoting the interests of older people and, in how knowledge about ageing and later life can be enhanced and improved.  We should all aim to build on the growth and success of our society over the last 65 years. 

The Irish healthcare system is now beginning to change and address the demands associated with the ageing demographic changes around us.  To advocate for this continued change and progress we need to unlock and share the “secret knowledge” of gerontology and equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge we require.  Now more than ever, the importance improving how we work together in interdisciplinary teams, for the betterment of patient care, is coming to the forefront.

A central aim of the IGS is to highlight the contribution which older people can and do make to modern day society in our country.  By bringing together health and social care professionals biologists,  social scientists, policymakers, and increasingly those involved in technological development we hope to encourage and support  an increasing and closer network of professionals, researchers and scientists dedicated to better care of the older person.  However, none of working together is of any value without the extraordinary dedication and talent of those who provide this compassionate and expert care on the front line.  

Empowering people, through knowledge, research and education - both society at large and health care professionals specifically - has the power to address and harness the collective innovative skills, dedication and compassionate care that health care workers strive to provide.  This in turn, can ensure that when people need access to the care and support it is be better planned, better coordinated, easier to access and truly person-centred.

Application for membership of the IGS is welcomed from all professionals with an interest in ageing and from researchers and scientists working in the different branches of gerontology. Members connect through seminars and conferences, as well as through participation on committees.

We are proud to announce the theme of our forthcoming 66th Annual Scientific Meeting in the Slieve Russell Hotel Co.Cavan 27th - 29th September, 2018: Transforming Ageing Across Borders. We have started discussions with our colleagues from both Geriatrics and Gerontology in Northern Ireland in relation to this.

The IGS is a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and is active in its European section.

I hope you find this website interesting and informative and, that it will encourage you to engage with the work of the IGS.  Please join your new executive on our IGS journey, lets Inspire (I), Grow (G), Support and Sustain (S). 

Diarmuid O Shea 
Irish Gerontological Society