Vision, Mission, Values

The Irish Gerontological Society (IGS) is an all-Ireland interdisciplinary professional organisation which enables research and education on ageing that translate into improved and age-attuned practices and policies.

Our Vision

A compassionate world for our ageing population where they benefit from the best our united professions can offer.

Our Mission

To improve the experience of ageing through advocating and promoting excellence in issues and practices that are important to the well-being, health, support and care of older adults.

Our Values

The Irish Gerontological Society commits to the following values to guide our behaviours, judgements, decisions and activities as we strive to achieve our mission.

  • Improving Life: As professionals concerned with the wellbeing and care of older people, we seek to discover, understand and advocate for the needs of ageing adults.
  • Advancing Knowledge: We encourage, support and facilitate the exploration and dissemination of new ideas in research and education concerned with the physical, social, psychological and biological aspects of ageing.
  • Inclusiveness: We operate in a spirit of inclusiveness by offering opportunities and platforms for our many diverse stakeholders to participate and be heard across the Society's span of activities.
  • Integrity: We maintain a collegial environment, based on loyalty to our inter-dependent professions, where transparency in our relationships and dealings with each other and with our various constituencies is assured.
  • Excellence: By upholding the highest of standards we will demonstrate ethical leadership and hold our work to the highest social, scientific and academic standards.