Research Bursary

IGS Interdisciplinary Research Bursary

The IGS is a national, interdisciplinary scientific body whose aim is the study of ageing and related subjects and the promotion of a better understanding by the general public of ageing and related issues (IGS Constitution – Article 2).

Article 3 of the Society’s constitution states that the object of the Society shall be attained by a) the presentation and discussion of the research of its members and the timely publication of such research and b) participation individually and as a body in international conferences on ageing.

The IGS aims to develop a broad portfolio of ageing research in Ireland. To promote excellence in interdisciplinary research in ageing in Ireland, the IGS is pleased to announce its first interdisciplinary research bursary.

The IGS will fund, or partially fund, a maximum of two projects to a total amount of €10k. The funding should be used to conduct interdisciplinary research and the research proposal should clearly indicate the interdisciplinary nature of both the question and the researchers.

The IGS therefore invites applications from groups of researchers who are members of the IGS. There is no template for the applications; however they should contain the following information:

  1. Names and contact details of the collaborating Principal Investigators (PIs), including their place of work, for example hospital/centre/academic department. Lead researcher/PI should be clearly identified.
  2. Description of the project (maximum 3 A4 pages) containing:
    1. Background
    2. Research question/hypothesis
    3. Methodology
    4. Clear identification of the differing health care professional roles
    5. Expected outcomes
      • Benefits to older people
      • Publications
    6. Management and budget
      • Clear timelines for project milestones
      • Budget, including supporting funds (if any)
  3. Brief CV and statement of the expected contribution of each PI (1 page maximum per team member)
  4. Statements of support from the hospital/centre/academic department


A committee, comprised of external and independent reviewers, will assess the proposals. Criteria:

    1. Inter-disciplinarity
    2. Originality of the research question/hypothesis and methodology
    3. Potential to lead to follow on funding
    4. Strength of the Team


Mo Flynn, Hon Secretary

Miriam Ahern, Strategy & Development Executive