62nd Annual And Scientific Meeeting 2014 - Abstract Submission

Abstract submission system is now closed. 

Abstracts submission deadline was Friday 30 May 2014 (midnight).


THE IRISH GERONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY actively encourages participation in our annual Scientific Meeting from clinicians, practitioners, academics, researchers and students working in all fields of ageing.

We welcome both quantitative and qualitative research submissions covering all spectra of ageing within the four pillars of gerontology, social, psychology, biology of ageing and health/clinical.

Details (titles, institutions, authors, year) of abstracts submitted to previous IGS Scientific Meetings (2005-2013) are available on the searchable IGS Database of Abstracts in Gerontology.  This is located on this website under the ‘Research’ menu.


Why submit an abstract?

Oral and Poster presentations are a powerful way to gain recognition for your expertise among fellow gerontology leaders, practitioners and professionals.  They also facilitate discussion and sharing of ideas with your peers and colleagues.  These practices have established the IGS annual scientific meeting as a pivotal hub of knowledge and learning within the gerontological community over the last 60 or so  years.  We hope to see you there and that you will take advantage of this opportunity to present your research.

What are the benefits to you?

Gain from feedback. Get useful feedback on your concepts and on your research methodology.

Make valuable connections. Increase your visibility and build your profile by meeting contacts and colleagues in one of the world’s oldest gerontological communities.

Build your CPD portfolio. Presenting at our meeting will help you to advance your professional competencies and to meet your learning and development requirements.

Achieve recognition for your work. Abstracts accepted for our scientific meeting will be published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science and may be cited in other publications.  Winning abstracts will be published on the IGS website.  All accepted abstracts will be listed in the IGS Abstracts database.

Make a respected contribution. Your abstract will contribute to the evidence-base for gerontological professions.

Submitting an abstract is a very easy 4-step process. Once you have registered as an author, you will receive detailed submission information attached to your confirmation email.  Alternatively you can download these instructions in advance using the link below.  You can choose whether you wish to submit an oral or poster presentation.  Abstracts deadline: Friday 30th May 2014 (midnight).

Tip: don’t leave it until the last minute - that leads to unwanted mistakes. Once you have registered online, you can make changes to your submission before the deadline date.



Please note: We are no longer accepting abstracts for our 2014 Annual and Scientific Meeting. Abstracts submission deadline was: Friday 30th May 2014 (midnight).