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Biogerontology for Clinicians International Conference 2018 (IRL)
16-17 February 2018
MISA, St. James's Hospital
Organised by: 
MISA & Trinity College Dublin


St James's Hospital are delighted to be holding a Biogerontology for Clinicians International Conference on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February 2018, in the Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA), St James’s Hospital, Dublin.

This two day Biogerontology Conference aims to give practising clinicians an understanding of:

•          the biological mechanisms that underlie ageing;

•          ageing and the immune system;

•          ageing and the cardiovascular system;

•          ageing and the brain;

•          potential therapeutic strategies that address ageing

The aim of this event is to put recent advances in biology in context within the pathology of ageing. The event will bring together leaders in ageing from academic, clinical and industrial settings with a passion for the subject which will generate meaningful collaborative, translational approaches with significant potential strategic value to service users. A deeper understanding of the biology associated with ageing related-disease offers the opportunity to develop diagnostics, therapeutics, medical devices, food for health and technology to support independent living.

Enquiries to coroconnor@stjames.ie