Changing Horizons in Gerontology: Physical activity and Healthy Ageing

Changing Horizons in Gerontology: Physical activity and Healthy Ageing

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Organised by: Irish Gerontological Society


Irish Gerontological Society Public Lecture Series

Changing Horizons in Gerontology - Physical activity and Healthy Ageing

Thursday September 23rd  2021     3.00 - 4.15 p.m.
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This multidisciplinary symposium serves to gives attendees an overview of the role of physical activity in healthy ageing. Topics covered include recent evidence-based initiatives to promote physical activity in ageing as well useful tips and exercises for older adults who want to become more physically active. The panel will also discuss nutritional considerations for healthy ageing and mental wellbeing in older adults.

The symposium is moderated by Professor Rose Galvin, a physiotherapist at the University of Limerick, and the renowned Paudie Butler, a retired former GAA hurling coach and team manager, and former hurler and Gaelic footballer who was a dual player for the Tipperary senior teams in the late 1970’s and early 1980.

Speakers and Programme

Moderators: Prof Rose Galvin and Paudie Butler

Professor Liam Glynn: Promoting physical activity in primary care

Professor Liam Glynn is the Professor of General Practice at the University of Limerick School of Medicine. His primary research interests are in preventive medicine with a focus on physical activity and diabetes and on bringing technological solutions to healthcare through connected health. More locally, He has collaborated on the development of various exercise initiatives for local communities, the most successful of which now runs in collaboration with the Clare Sports Partnership, the HSE and the ‘Go For Life’ programme, with over 600 older adults attending exercise classes in 25 community locations throughout the county of Clare every week.

Michelle McNamara: Practical Considerations for engaging in physical activity 

Chartered Physiotherapist Michelle McNamara will discuss the development of an excellent resource leaflet to keep older adults fit and healthy during the pandemic. This provides evidence based, safe exercises for strengthening and balance for older adults to encourage exercise during this time. Michelle will also lead us through some of these exercises in the session.

Panel Discussion

We will also include a panel of experts to provide updates, tips, and advice on nutrition (Dr Anne Griffin, Lecturer in Dietetics, UL), mental wellbeing (Dr Katie Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, UL) and recent developments in policy and practice (Deirdre Lang, Director of Nursing/National Lead Older Persons Services, National Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons).

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Changing Horizons in Gerontology: Physical Activity and Heathy Ageing