65th Annual And Scientific Meeting 2017 - SOTA Home-care Robot

"Sota" Home-Care Robot



Sota is a communication robot designed and developed by NTT Data in Japan.  Its purpose is to encourage older people to speak more freely and to promote active ageing. Sota asks people questions, listens to their answers, and reacts accordingly.  For example, they can strike up a 'conversation', while Sota sends out key messages such as "please do not forget to drink water", thereby encouraging the older person in their daily activities. You can watch a short video clip about Sota here.

The Irish Gerontological Society is delighted to welcome delegates from NTT and Chiba University, Japan, and thanks them for bringing Sota to Ireland.  Sota will be on general display on Thursday 28th September, before the sponsored symposium.


Delegates can learn more about the role of robots in Gerontology at the following abstract presentations: 

021 Does a Communicative Care Robot in Nursing Homes Improve Older People's Activity Performance?  Non-Randomized Controlled Trial using the ICF Framework (Platform presentation in Session 4 - Challenging Perspectives in Gerontology. Saturday 30th September, 9.00. Room: McClure 2)

022 Measuring Impacts of Introducing Communicative Robots with Infra-red Radiation Monitoring System on Workload of Night Shifts in Nursing Care Facilities (Poster presentation. Poster board no. P202)

080 Developing a Questionnaire to Understand Perceptions towards Home-care Robots among Older People who Receive Home-care, Family Caregivers, and Home-care Professionals (Poster presentation. Poster board no. P119)

095 Can Social Robots Help to Reduce Loneliness and Social Isolation in People with Dementia? A Delphi Survey (Poster presentation. Poster board no. P67)

097 How Do People Perceive Home-Care Robots? A Questionnaire Study with Older People, Family Caregivers, and Care Professionals in Japan (Platform presentation in Session 3 - Community Based Programmes. Friday 29th September. 14.30 Room: McClure 2).

The IGS Executive and Scientific committees extend our thanks to our colleague Dr. Naonori Kodate, (UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin) for his role in bringing Sota to our Scientific Meeting.