66th Annual & Scientific Meeting 2018 - Symposium: Nurses

Review added on 10 October 2018

The theme of this year’s symposium was “ Nursing Initiatives, Transforming Older Person Care”, with thirty- four delegates in attendance.

Our four speakers presented on nursing initiatives within their area of practice that included:

  • nursing management of patients requiring 1:1 supervision in the post acute care service
  • nursing role in improving frail older patients mobility (re-ablement model of care),
  • development of an advanced nurse practitioner post as part of an integrated care team and the role of a research nurse on the SAFE project.

The addition of case studies as part of the presentations allowed the delegates see the true benefits of the initiatives and also stimulated lots of discussion. Feedback from the nursing delegates showed that we enjoy sharing our experiences; both challenges and success in caring for older people.

Suggestions for future nursing symposiums include speakers from more diverse settings and topics such as sexuality and dementia, falls and addiction in the older person.

This symposium was open to IGS delegates from a nursing background.  It was facilitated by IGS Executive Committee nursing representative, Sarah Cosgrave.



Elaine Dunne, Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner Older People, Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown 

Elaine will speak on the development of her ANP post which is based between the day hospital & community

Elaine Dunne is currently a candidate advanced nurse practitioner in older persons/integrated care.  She worked as a Clinical Case Manager (CCM) for Older Persons working in CHO 9 for 5 years prior to this appointment. She trained as a nurse in the United Kingdom and qualified in 1994.  Elaine has worked in many different areas in nursing in the UK and Ireland including coronary care, invasive cardiology, vascular surgery, colorectal and hepato-biliary surgery, general medicine, occupational health and older persons.  Elaine completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Dublin City University in 2005 and has done several standalone modules in DCU & UCD including dementia champion and advanced health assessment. She had commenced her MSc in gerontolgical nursing in Trinity College Dublin in 2016 however due to the candidate post she exited with a post graduate diploma and is now commencing her final year in an MSc in advanced practice in UCD.  In her current role Elaine works closely with the Consultant Geriatricians in Connolly Hospital in Blachardstown. She works with older persons with complex needs working across both hospital and community. It means that Elaine works across service boundaries co-ordinating care based on a persons and families clinical need. The aim of the role is to support both patient and family to remain at home with appropriate services for as long as possible and to re-evaluate service provision through an active case management programme of care. In addition, the role works closely with secondary care services including specialist Gerontology Services in providing timely interventions for older persons with complex needs and co-ordinate planned admissions if necessary. As an ANP Elaine will be setting up rapid assessment clinics which will take direct referrals from the PHN and GP. Elaine is also taking the lead on expanding the current falls assessment clinic with nurse led clinics planned and the setting up of a fragility fracture service.

Simone Gray, Research Nurse with the Systematic Approach to improving care for Frail Older Patients (SAFE) HRB research project

Simone will speak about her experience as a clinical research nurse & the projects she is involved with as part of SAFE

Simone Gray completed her training in St Vincent’s University Hospital in 2002. She worked as a staff nurse in Our Lady’s ward which specialised in Medicine for the Older Person. She spent 6 years in a surgical ward specialising in ENT and Plastics. Simone moved to Nursing Practice Development to take on the role of Clinical Placement Coordinator and later took on the role of Nursing and Healthcare Assistant Support for 2 years. In 2017 Simone moved to the Mater Misercordiae University Hospital as Staff Development Facilitator, based in the Emergency and Medicine Directorate.  This included areas such as Care of the Older Person, Acute Medical Unit, Stroke and Neurology. Simone returned to St Vincent’s University Hospital in January to take up the post of Research Nurse working for the SAFE Study (Systematic Approach to improving care for Frail Older Patients). She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Royal College of Surgeons (2005). She also completed her Masters in the Royal College of Surgeons in 2008. Simone has a special interest in frailty and the delivery of person centred care in the acute setting.  Her current projects include Intentional Rounding, End PJ Paralysis and the Red Tray Initiative.