67th IGS Annual & Scientific Meeting 2019 - Inaugural Irish Frailty Network Meeting

Page updated 14 August 2019. More information coming soon.

Inaugural Meeting of the Irish Frailty Network Interest Group

Developments in Education, Quality Improvement and Research

'Lunch and Learn' Friday 27th September 2019. 13.30-14.15

This session, in association with the IGS, will be the inaugural meeting of the Irish Frailty Network Interest Group of the Irish Gerontological Society (IFN-IG). We feel that the time is right for an Irish Frailty Network for Education, Improvement and Research. Please follow this link to read our blog and learn more about our proposal

With an increasing number of innovations in Ireland around service development, quality improvement and research for older adults living with frailty, an IFN could be the society’s national collaborative platform for mutual sharing, learning and facilitation.

This 45-minute session is open to all IGS members who are delegates of this Scientific Meeting, including those who have already expressed an interest in the IFN.  Please include this option when you are registering online to attend the conference.


Introduction and vision 


Quality Improvement


Next steps


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