67th IGS Annual & Scientific Meeting 2019 - PADMACS

A Serious Game Promoting Assisted Decision Making in Acute Care

Promoting Assisted Decision Making in Acute Care (PADMACs) involves collaboration between UCD Health Systems Researchers, the Royal College of Physicians Ireland as well as care of the older person teams in two acute hospital settings. The project is developing a PlayDecide™ serious game on Assisted Decision Making (ADM). ADM refers to the right of every person, regardless of whether their decision-making capacity is impaired, to be supported to make decisions in relation to their care. In Ireland, ADM is supported by the Assisted Decision-Making Act (2015) and Codes of Practice are forthcoming to provide healthcare with regulatory guidance for ADM implementation.

The purpose of the PADMACS serious educational game is to promote understanding of ADM among healthcare professionals as well as older people and their decision-supporters. Through guided discussion of the issues and reflection upon current practices and behaviours the game will support the implementation of the forthcoming codes of practice.

We are inviting conference attendees to join us and play this game which aims to support and encourage healthcare practitioners, older people as well as family carers to talk in a simple and meaningful way about issues related to ADM. The game has several mechanisms that foster simple, respectful and fact-based group discussion. Issues or topics related to the implementation of ADM are presented in creative ways using a series of story, issue, information and challenge cards. Individual and shared learning is fostered through discussion of the cards prompting role-play, debate and consensus-building.