IGS Annual and Scientific Meeting Programme

Irish Gerontological Society Annual and Scientific Meeting

70 Years of Change 1951-2021

#igs2021 @irishgerontsoc

18th November 2021




Meeting zoom link is open for all – Delegates will be able to join shortly before 9am.


Welcome Address: Main Meeting Room

Professor Rose Anne Kenny, President, Irish Gerontological Society


Session 1 Integrated Care 5: Room 1

2 Co Chairs to introduce

Session 2 COVID 19 – Room: 2

2 Co Chairs to introduce


























34. Pathfinder; An Alternative To The Emergency Department For Older Patients Who Dial 999/112 Author: Grace Corcoran


144. Developing an Integrated Post Diagnostic Pathway for Persons Living With Dementia - Experiences Of a Regional Specialist Memory Service  Author: Cathy McHale


145. EDITH (Emergency Department In The Home):  Factors That Influence Conveyance Rates To Hospital Author:  Aisling Davis


178. A Retrospective Evaluation of Process Outcomes of Older Adults Referred to a Community Re-Enablement Team from the Emergency Department Author: Íde O Shaughnessy


199. Embedding physical activity within home care services for older adults in Ireland – a qualitative study of barriers and facilitators Author: Lauren Swan

29. Using Quality Improvement Methodology To Visualise Change Interventions To Improve Managing The Unwell Care Home Author: Ciarán Trolan


42. Exploring the Impact of Age and Frailty Status on the Immune Response to COVID-19 Illness Using Detailed Immuno-phenotyping Author: Adam Dyer


105. COVID-19 In Older Adults: Inpatient Outcomes In A Level 3 Irish Hospital Author: Conor Young


133. The relationship between delayed healthcare utilisation and chronic conditions among older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland.  Niamh Hennelly


162. Trends In Emergency Department Use By Older People During The COVID-19 Pandemic Author: Robert Briggs




260. Exploring Older People’s Experiences of Shielding During the COVID-19 Pandemic Author: Amanda Phelan

10.00 – 10.15

Chair calls Q & A

Chair calls Q & A




Comfort Break


Back into Main Meeting Room where Rose Anne or Chair will direct people to go to the Poster Hour – there will be a link on the programme and website directing people to this


Poster Hour Part A

Link to Members site to view posters



Back into Main Meeting  Zoom room


Session 3 Social Gerontology: Room 1


 2 Co Chairs to introduce


Session 4 Frailty and Delirium: Room 2


 2 Co Chairs to introduce



























73. The New Chronic Disease Management Programme For General Practitioners: Making The Case For Its Revision To Include Dementia Author: Maria Pierce


84. Impact Of Relocation And Migration On The Social Relations Of Older Men And Women Over Their Life Course Author: Celia Sheridan


130. Predictors Of Driving Status In Older Irish Adults Attending A Geriatric Outpatient Service Author: Kevin Maloney


160. Time To Bin “Next Of Kin”? - Junior Doctors Demonstrate Poor Understanding Of The Term in Ireland Author: Brian Burke


171. The 'Wish To Die' Amongst Older People In Ireland In the Context Of The Dying With Dignity Bill Author: Robert Briggs


257. Positive Health and Aging for Older Irish Travellers and Older People who have Experienced Homelessness: Life-Course Meanings and Determinants Author: Kieran Walsh

87. Predictive Validity Of Screening Tools Used By A Frailty Intervention Team In An Irish Emergency Department: A Retrospective Cohort Study Author: Susan O Carroll


191. Frailty Prevalence Among Geriatric Hospital Inpatients, And Its Association With Economic Indicators: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Of 467,779 Inpatients Author: Paul Doody


204. Frailty But Not Age Is Associated With Impaired Orthostatic Cerebral Oxygenation Author: Denia Peréz


207. Implementation of a Frailty Care Bundle (FCB) in acute and rehabilitation settings Author: Corina Naughton



224. Metabolic Syndrome Associated With Increased Likelihood Of Incident Frailty Author: Kevin McCarthy


240. A Comparison of the ISAR and the Clinical Frailty Scale To Predict Mortality and ED Re-attendance In older ED Attenders Author: Aoife Leahy

12.12 -12.25

Chair calls Q & A

Chair calls Q & A


Rose Anne - Introduction to Key Note Speaker 1 – Main Meeting Room


Keynote Speaker 1 – Professor Joe Verghese – Main Meeting Room

‘Motor ways to Dementia'




Q & A


Chair will direct delegates to comfort break


Comfort Break

14.00 -14.05

Rose Anne – Introduction to Key Note Speaker 2 – Main Meeting Room


Keynote Speaker 2 – Professor Donna M Fick – Celebrating All Older Adults: Delirium Detection and Management in Age-Friendly Care’

Main Meeting Room


Q & A


Chair to invite delegates to go to two different  zoom rooms


Session 5 Stroke and Neurology/Bone Health Falls and  Fractures: Room 1

2 Co Chairs to introduce


Session 6 70 Years of Change: Room 2


2 Co Chairs to introduce



























32. Simulation-Based Education For Acute Stroke Author: Patrick Crowley


38. Carotid Plaque Inflammation Imaged By Positron Emission Tomography Improves Prediction Of Late Recurrent Stroke at 5 Years Author: John McCabe


80. The Experience of Accessing Parkinson’s Disease Care: A Qualitative Interview Study Author: Emma O Shea


210. A Systematic Review Of Long-Term Outcome Collection Following Hip Fracture In Ireland From 2005 To 2021 Author Mary Walsh


239. Is Orthostatic Hypotension Associated With Altered Cerebral Perfusion During Active Standing? Author: Paul Claffey


241. Implementation Of An Intracerebral Cerebral Haemorrhage Care Bundle Author: Elaine Shanahan

83. “What Does ‘Active Ageing’ Mean To You?” A Five-Country Survey Of Academics, Students, Advocacy Groups, And ‘Expert’ Older People Author: Daisy Wiggin


132. Geriatric Rehabilitation in the COVID-19 Era: Service Innovation and Patient Outcomes Author: Sarah Mello


159. Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Non-pharmacological Strategies to Manage Responsive Behaviours of Nursing Home Residents with Dementia Author: Elizabeth O Donnell




62. GaitKeeper- a novel artificial intelligence based video gait analysis system to objectively measure health status Author:  Sean Kennelly


201. The Bi-directional Association Between Loneliness And Depression, Before And During The COVID-19 Pandemic. Author: Mark Ward


15.22 15.30

Chair calls Q & A

Chair calls Q & A


Rose Anne/Chairs invite delegates to view poster hour


Poster Hour Part B

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Awards and Close of Meeting Rose Anne Kenny, President of IGS: Main Meeting Room