Nursing Home Sector News

A message to colleagues, especially those working in Nursing Homes and Long Stay Residential Units

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope that you are keeping well during these very different and ever-evolving times. I, for one, feel that some days I am re-learning all over again in my role as RANP!

In the masses of media coverage relating to the Covid19 pandemic, it can be easy to miss important information relating to the care of people in our nursing homes or in long term residential units.

In this context,  I and others are striving to ensure that you and your colleagues have the most up-to-date and relevant information during this crisis.  This is a joint effort in collaboration with the Office of Nursing and Midwifery Service Director, Nursing Homes Ireland, and The National Older Person’s Integrated Care Programme.

For your convenience, recent updates are outlined below.

As part of this collaboration, we will be launching a new suite of documents which will be available to download from the IGS website over the coming days. These documents, with practical solutions in algorithm format, will cover a number of clinical scenarios typical to nursing homes and long term residential units.

I appreciate these are very challenging times.  On top of it all, you are concerned for your own loved ones.  Our aim is to support you by filtering available information and presenting it in a format that is relevant to you, easy to digest and easy to share with your colleagues.

As Dr. Mike Ryan from the World Health Organisation affirmed to us in recent days, we must…

adapt, adjust, implement and measure, .... we need to do this repetitively... we are in this together... we must be comprehensive in our response!

Be safe and stay well

Jonathon O’Keeffe

Hon.Treasurer of the Irish Gerontological Society

RANP, RNP Community Medicine for Older Person's Service

Adj Lecturer UCD

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for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information


Practical Advice for Healthcare Professionals Working in Residential Care Settings for Older People

A deck of slides from this HSE webinar on 26th March is available to download at the bottom of this page.  The slides include useful embedded links on: 

  • COVID identification and Referral Pathways
  • Managing resident clinical care with COVID
  • Advance Care Planning Issues & Palliative Management in last hours or days
  • Managing outbreaks including IPC Guidance and HCW guidance


Nursing Homes. Anticipatory Prescribing and Related Issues

All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care is collaborating with Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services and the Age-related Health Care Department of Tallaght University Hospital to deliver Project ECHO AIIHPC webinars to provide information and guidance to nursing homes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On 31 March a webinar on anticipatory prescribing in nursing homes was took place. The webinar was supported by a number of organisations including the Health Service Executive, Irish Hospice Foundation, Nursing Homes Ireland and the Irish Gerontological Society.

The webinar video recording is available at this link until 8 April 2020. 


Infection Prevention and Control

HPSC AMRIC hosted a webinar on Friday 3rd April.  Theme: COVID-19 Management in Community Residential Facilities and In-patient Services Outside of Acute Hospitals.  Presenters: Prof. Martin Cormican , National HCAI Clinical Lead  and Mary McKenna,  IPC Asst.  Director of Nursing.  Slides from the webinar are available to download below.