Delayed Discharge. IGS Draft Position Paper. Oct 2018

Update: On 19th November 2018, Minister Daly announced  the publication of the report on The Independent Expert Review of Delayed Discharges. Please click here for the announcement and to view or download a copy of the report.

Irish Gerontological Society Position Paper 

Addressing the Challenge of Delayed Discharges from Hospitals

Dear IGS Members

At our Annual & Scientific Meeting in September, I informed our delegates that in July the IGS made a submission to the Minister for Older People on the complex and contentious issue of addressing the challenge of delayed discharges from hospitals.

When we submitted to the Minister’s expert group, we reserved the privilege to re-submit an amended and advanced version, and – following encouragement from IGS stakeholders – we ultimately elected to compose a position paper for and on behalf of our society.

On behalf of the IGS Executive Committee I now invite and encourage you to submit your own feedback on this working document.  

Our draft position paper entitled Addressing the Challenge of Delayed Discharges from Hospitals is available for comment by our members.

Please click on the link below to view and/or download this paper.

It is our intention to formally submit an update to the Minister’s expert group later this month as a follow-up supplement to our original submission.

Clearly the challenges of empowering people to remain in their own home as they get older is a challenge for community, social and hospital care.  As the goalposts change we will have to review our position paper.  But we need a robust and resolute starting stance.

I would be grateful if you could leave any observations or suggestions you might have in the comments section at the bottom of this website page. Feedback will be accepted up to Friday October 19th 2018. 

However, should you prefer to send your feedback to me privately, or have a suggestion for other areas or issues about which we should consider developing a position paper, please email me at 

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely

Diarmuid  O'Shea, President