IGS Professional Development Journal

The IGS Professional Development Journal

Learning Points from around the Country

Welcome to a new feature starting on our IGS Website during 2018.  It is the “IGS Ageing Review eJournal".  We would like you to become an active member and user. 

You can do this by submitting a review, reading the reviews, or actively participating in the discussions.  As a member of our society your access to this is completely free!

To begin with we are looking for reviews (a summary and a commentary) of journal articles (no longer than 600 words), published in the last 12 months that have influenced your practice or made important contributions to improving the quality and safety of care for older patients. 

Your IGS is a vibrant and growing interdisciplinary organisation, so the papers reviewed here will include recent medical and interdisciplinary articles that have impacted on practice across the spectrum of Older Persons Care.

While all papers may not cover this interdisciplinary spectrum of care, all of the papers will lend themselves to comment and input from our members in the follow up “Tweet Chats” and comments section on the website.  We are very interested in any additional comments you have about the papers reviewed.  We look forward to you sharing any tips, hints or informed comments you may have on the particular topic, along with initiatives and resources that your local services are accessing or using to improve the care delivered to people in your area.