IGS Podcast: ASM Special with Dr. Liz Moloney

In the run up to the IGS Annual Scientific Meeting, Edel talks to Dr. Liz Moloney about the ED Geriatric Medicine Special Interest Group, what to expect from the group's session at the ASM and some helpful learning resources for MDTs working in GEM. 

Listen here:


Links to resources Liz mentions in the episode:

The Case.Report Podcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/7ufA2GFqicIOT5nJhlSZ0G?si=04d6572ebe33…

The Irish Association of Emergency Medicine IAEM https://iaem.ie/ 

Mater FIT Team Podcast https://soundcloud.com/user-604553057 

National Frailty Education E-learning https://www.icpop.org/nationalfrailityeducation#gref