Abstract Submission Deadline Extended


  • The Inclusion of a primary email address and phone number is mandatory.
  • The email address of the submitter of the abstract will be the default email address for all correspondence from IGS. This cannot be changed to an alternative email following submission.
  • Please do not submit an abstract on behalf of a co-author.
  • Please include your abstract reference number and title in ALL correspondence to IGS


  • Title – maximum 20 words and body of text maximum 300 words.
  • Abstracts are divided into four inbuilt headings – Background, Method, Results and Conclusion. Do not include additional subheadings.
  • Do not include identifiers such as Connolly Hospital or CHO 5, names of people, institutions or geographical areas in your abstract to ensure that your abstract is blind reviewed.
  • The use of the word “elderly” is prohibited in the title and body of abstract. Inclusion of this word will result in automatic rejection of work.
  • A maximum of two references can be included as part of the 300 word count.
  • No tables, boxes, columns, diagrams or appendices should be included.
  • Authors may edit their abstracts online until the submission deadline.
  • Use the correct official title (e.g. Mater Misericordiae University Hospital not ‘Mater Hospital’. National University of Galway Ireland not ‘Galway University’).
  • Duplicate abstracts will be identified by reviewers and rejected.
  • Text should be single spaced.
  • Titles: Capitalise the first letter of each word. No full stop at the end. Titles must be in title case format:

                  Correct – Advance Directives: Research Results. Incorrect – Advance directives: research results

  • Symbols used must be written in full, for example “beta” instead of β.
  • Abbreviations must be spelled out in full name on first use.
  • Proposed study/protocol for study: A proposed study or protocol for a study or research due to be undertaken are not accepted by IGS.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; accepted abstracts will be reproduced as submitted including possible errors.
  • “Results to be presented” is not acceptable and will be automatically rejected.
  • Re and re-read your abstract – get a colleague to read it to check for spelling, grammar, correct results as well as ensuring that all authors involved are included.
  • Any queries should be directed to secretary@irishgerontology.com


  • Subject matter is not appropriate to IGS
  • Abstract is a duplicate of other submissions
  • Abstract is poorly written and difficult to understand
  • Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion is not summarised adequately
  • Additional subheadings included
  • Statistical evaluation is inadequate or absent
  • Data is pending at time of submission
  • Abstract is incomplete on the submission