Book release: Emergence. A Celebration of the Wisdom and Resilience of Ageing

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A celebration of the Wisdom and Resilience of Ageing

An anthology of poetry and prose focuses on ageing, seen through the eyes of doctors who specialise in the care of older people

This book will be published in December 2020. Pre-order your copy here


This is an inspired creative anthology of prose and poetry which have been hand-picked by physicians caring for older patients. We are grateful to the editors, Shane O’Hanlon and Paul Finucane, two of our members, for their meticulous work the proceeds of which will go to ageing charities. The foreword is by the first professor of gerontology in Ireland - Davis Coakley. Congrats to all.      Professor Rose Anne Kenny, President of the Irish Gerontological Society

The eclectic collection in this book, selected from the works of authors and poets both ancient and modern, is an excellent introduction to the poetry and prose of ageing.     Professor Davis Coakley, retired professor of medical gerontology


In a year like no other, older people were asked to “cocoon” for their own protection. Emergence from this state has been slow to realise, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Geriatricians Shane O’Hanlon and Paul Finucane invited their colleagues – doctors caring for older people – to choose their favourite pieces of poetry and prose on ageing. The result is a unique collection of gems that celebrates older people, at a time when they have been marginalised.

In this book, you can journey from Shakespeare to Heaney, from comedy to science fiction, from play to poetry, from ancient Rome to the 29th century. There is philosophy, newspaper interviews, a seanfhocal (Irish saying), religion, a fairy tale, sickness and health, wisdom, loneliness and joy.

There are contributions in French, German, Spanish, English and Irish. The book includes works by Jane Austen, Sinead Gleeson, Benjamin Franklin, Jenny Joseph, Patrick Kavanagh, Plato, Oscar Wilde, WB Yeats and many others.


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All profits will be donated to age-related charities.

Emergence: A Celebration of the Wisdom and Resilience of Ageing

ISBN: 978-1-9161877-1-9

Author  O’Hanlon, Shane and Finucane, Paul

Pub Date 1/12/2020

Binding Hardback

Pages 256

Country IRE

Dewey  808.8