Call for Papers - 6th International Carers Conference

6th International Carers Conference
Care and caring: future proofing the new demographics
Thursday 3rd September, Opening Reception | Friday 4th - Sunday 6th September 2015, Conference  - Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden

CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline for submissions: Friday 27th  February 2015)
Papers are now sought for presentation at the 6th International Carers Conference and Broadcast 2015.  3-6TH Sept 2015, Gothenberg, Sweden

Papers may be submitted in English or Swedish.

We are particularly looking for papers which fit within the themes below. However, if you wish to submit a paper that doesn’t comfortably sit within one of these themes, please select ‘Other’ as the theme on the submissions tool and give your paper a clear title.

The themes for the International Carers Broadcast Conference are:
•       Health, social care and well-being: how do modern societies and economies manage care in the face of demographic change and more mobile populations?
•       Combining work and care: how can we support people to manage their working and caring lives, contributing to business, economic and social sustainability?
•       Paying for care: how can we share the costs of care between the individual, family, community and the state? How can we ensure there is a vibrant market for care?
•       Technology-enabled care and support: how can new technologies support the delivery of care, transform the lives of individuals and families and drive economic growth?
Other   (if your paper doesn't fit any of the themes above we are open to innovative projects and insights)

Selected papers will be for presentation in seminar sessions

Each presentation will be 15-20 minutes and there will be 30 minutes discussion following the presentation.   The delegates treasure this time as their chance to participate so please do not plan to speak for longer than 15 -20 minutes.

To submit a proposal please complete our online submission, with a maximum 500 word abstract. Please be sure to identify a lead presenter with whom all correspondence will take place.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 27th  February 2015

For any further information about content and topics, please contact

Content - Katherine Wilson, Carers UK at
Technical support with your submission - Katrina Wright at