IGS Launches Database of Abstracts in Gerontology

MEDIA NEWS RELEASE  Sunday 2nd February 2014

Attention: News Desks, Health & Science Correspondents

Irish Gerontological Society Launches Research Database of Abstracts in Gerontology

THE IRISH GERONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY today launched an innovative, searchable online database of research abstracts which have been presented at its annual scientific meetings.  Research into the impact of ageing in Ireland has become one of the fastest growing areas among academics, medical researchers, social scientists and healthcare providers as the proportion of older people is due to grow rapidly over the next 20 years.

On launching the new database today, Professor J. Bernard Walsh, President of the Irish Gerontological Society said: 

“The Irish Gerontological Society is committed to fostering a healthy ageing society.  Scientific research in this area is expanding monthly and attracts some of the top academics, clinicians and practitioners in Irish research. We expect that our new database will provide a quick-reference resource for our members and others.  We intend that it will serve as a platform to facilitate collaboration across a broad range of people with interests in the science of healthy and active ageing and to the care of older adults, both in Ireland and internationally”.
With over 1300 abstracts currently listed, the database will be regularly updated.  Allowing the user to explore by keyword, abstracts are searchable by year, title, author(s), institution(s) and type (oral or platform).  Access to the database is free of charge and is available at 

The new database includes both quantitative and qualitative research submissions covering all spectra of ageing within the pillars of gerontology: social, psychology, biology of ageing and health/clinical. It will be of great use to many diverse groups of people from the numerous disciplines and interests of gerontology, including health and social care providers; academics involved in the study of ageing; those concerned with advocacy for older people; and others.

Established in 1951, The Irish Gerontological Society is one of the world’s oldest bodies dedicated to education and research in the study of ageing and promoting a better understanding of growing older and related subjects.  It is both an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary organisation.   

The Irish Gerontological Society would like to acknowledge the extensive work of Dr. Alan James Martin who compiled the records on which the database is built.

The online database was developed for the Irish Gerontological Society by Doctot.  Doctot is a niche, innovative, health-informatics company based in Limerick.  

Press Contact:  Ms. Mo Flynn, Hon. Secretary IGS.  
Mob:  086 604 0308 e: secretary@irishgerontology.com