New paper: Polypharmacy, inappropriate prescribing, and deprescribing in older people

Polypharmacy, inappropriate prescribing, and deprescribing in older people: through a sex and gender lens 

Polypharmacy arising from multimorbidity in late life is a very familiar issue for all geriatricians. However, the influence of sex (a biological reality) and gender (a socio-cultural construct) on prescribing in older people is a relatively new area of investigation.

This paper, which you can download below, comes from an international research consortium currently collaborating on an EU-funded project called iKASCADE. It discusses moving points in prescribing optimization and deprescribing in older people and how sex and gender can influence prescribing choices in certain situations.

There is also discussion of how sex and gender can influence so-called prescribing cascades i.e. where unrecognized side-effects of some drugs can lead to inappropriate prescription of additional drugs, compounding the problems of excessive polypharmacy and inappropriate prescribing.


Prof. Denis O’Mahony, MD, FRCPI, FRCP(UK)
Department of Medicine, University College Cork &
Department of Geriatric & Stroke Medicine,
Cork University Hospital,
Wilton, Cork, Ireland