Public Notice: SAGE Forum on Long-Term Care

Ireland is ageing and more people are lilving longer and better lives.  A minority of older people - probably one in five - requires some form of support.  While at any one time, fewer than 5%of older people live in somme form of congregated setting, such as a nursing home, one third of womone and one quarter of men are likely to spend time in a nursing home before they die.

SAGE (Support & Advocacy Serrvice for Older People)  is establishing a Forum on Long-Term Care in partnership with a number of concerned organisations.  The Forum will receive and review submissions, meet with and question key informants and prepare a draft report for a public forum prior to submission to the new government by May 2016.

Submissions are now invited from members of the publis, voluntary and community organisations, statutory and government bodies, trade unions, employers, cultural and religious organisations.