Request to Participate in Study on use of Microneedles

Questionnaire on use of new transdermal drug delivery technique – ‘microneedles’

Microneedles are a new technique to allow medicines to be delivered through the skin, using tiny needles, of less than 1 mm in height, arranged on a patch, to penetrate the outermost layer of the skin.  It is thought microneedles could be used to avoid some of the issues associated with oral and injectable drug administration in older people. As part of a research project at Queen’s University Belfast, healthcare professionals are invited to complete a short online questionnaire regarding the potential use of microneedles in the geriatric population. All responses will make a valuable contribution to the research and your participation would be greatly appreciated.

If you are willing to participate, please click on this link

This online questionnaire invites healthcare professionals with an interest in geriatric medicine to participate in a study about microneedle drug delivery technology for an older population.  The aim of the study is to collect the views and opinions of medical professionals within the field of geriatrics regarding the use of microneedles, a novel transdermal drug delivery device, in older people. This is the first study specifically addressing the use of this technology in older people (conventionally stated as those aged 65 years and over) and it is hoped that the results will enable further development of appropriate microneedle-based applications for this population.

Further information is available from:

Helen Quinn 
PhD research student
School of Pharmacy
Queen's University Belfast