Syncope Guidelines Launched at CARDIOSTIM 2015

Monday 29th June 2015
New guidelines were launched last week in Milan during CARDIOSTIM 2015 entitled, “Syncope Unit: rationale and requirement - the European Heart Rhythm Association position statement endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society.”
The contributors to the position statement included senior and renowned physicians in neurology, cardiology, geriatric medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine and physiology from 38 different countries worldwide, including US, Canada, South America, Japan and several European countries.
The Taskforce was chaired by Professor Rose Anne Kenny (Dublin) and Professor Michele Brignole (Milan, Italy). 
Professor Kenny today stated, “These guidelines should assist colleagues in the Irish Gerontological Society to develop a business case for the structured management of transient loss of consciousness frequently encountered in their practices. These are the first such published guidelines and will further assist with education and training of health care professionals about this common condition which has significant impact on quality of life, morbidity and mortality in addition to health care resources if inappropriately managed. ”
The position statement was published in Europace on Thursday, 25th June. Link to the guidelines