University of Ljubljana Seeks Studies on Smartphone Launchers for Older Adults

We are working on a project researching the existing smartphone launchers for older adults (55 and older). We are interested solely in research done on the launchers (e.g. »KoalaPhone«, »GoLivePhone«, »Seniors Phone, etc.) and not in the research on applications for older adults (e.g. health-managing apps, medication-reminder apps, voice recognitions apps, etc.)

With the literature search we have come across 3 papers on the launchers (Balata et al. 2015 – study on the KoalaPhone launcher; Arab et al. 2013 – study on the PhonAge launcher; and Al-Razgan et al. – a survey of the literature on guidelines and design for older adults).

Because we would like to have a comprehensive insight into the topic, we are trying to discover if there are any other (published or unpublished) studies done on the smartphone launchers for older adults.

We would appreciate any suggestions that could help us with finding more research related to launchers.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Best regards,

Mojca, Andraž and Vesna


University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Social Sciences
Centre for Social Informatics