Update - ANZSGM 2015 Annual & Scientific Meeting, Perth (6-8 May)

Wanju - Nyininy, nih, kaartdjinin!

Or translated from our Noongar people’s language: Welcome – sit, listen, learn! 

We cordially invite you to participate in our 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting - Paradigms in Perth: Deconstructing Delirium and Engaging Elders at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth, Western Australia. Delirium was described by the ancient Greeks, yet we still struggle with managing this prevalent scourge of older people. Alasdair MacLullich is Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Edinburgh University and President of the European Delirium Association. Prof MacLullich will share his paradigm of delirium pathophysiology and detection as well as delirium services with us.

Providing relevant services to engage with older aboriginal people has been a major endeavour of Associate Professor Dina Logiudice from Melbourne Health and the Victorian Aboriginal Medical Service. She has an extensive background in cross-cultural assessment and will discuss managing geriatric syndromes in aboriginal people including dementia.

Other plenary topics concern challenging, common clinical issues, which are sometimes neglected. These include: Better management of older people across the acute care interface; Dialysis in older people; Suicide prevention; Epilepsy; and the expanding universe of Teaching Nursing Homes. 

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, “If you’ve managed six impossible things today, why not try dinner at the restaurant at the end of the universe?” The conference dinner will be at the State Reception Centre at Fraser’s Restaurant in King’s Park, with omniscient views of Perth. Perth has undergone significant change in recent years and now has an enviable array of superb restaurants and hip bars. The conference venue is the five-star Pan Pacific Hotel, in the city’s centre. It’s a short walk to restaurants and the river. Or a quick free bus ride to King’s Park or elsewhere in town. Recommended day trips are to Fremantle or the Swan Valley wine region. You may wish to travel further afield to the iconic Margaret River wine region.

So, pack your paradigms and head for Perth!

Dr Sean Maher, Chair of the 2015 Organising Committee

Full program and conference information available here