IGS President's Update 01 June 2022

Dear Members,

A new report from the home care alliance details the current state and future potential and needs for the home care sector in Ireland.

In summary:

‘The home care alliance share a commitment to the urgent introduction, without further delay, of a national statutory home support scheme and to the licencing and regulation of home care providers

  • We believe there is significant dysfunction in the operation of the current system of allocating, assessing and commissioning home care in Ireland.
  • Care is not allocated equally across Ireland, for those with comparable needs, amounting to an arbitrary Eircode lottery.
  • The current inefficient tendering model expires this year. Any new model must do better. The quality of care delivered must be at the heart of any scheme.
  • Home care can play a much bigger role in meeting the needs of individuals through the provision of more complex health care.
  • The State sector obstructs the payment of travel time to tendered service providers, even though they provide it to their own staff.
  • The ‘social welfare trap’ discourages many care workers from accepting additional working hours.
  • The State’s employment permit policy discriminates against home care by allowing non-EEA citizens to work as carers in hospitals and nursing homes, but not in home care where the need is just as great. • Home care provision should allow care recipients, and their family carers where appropriate, to deal directly with approved providers of their choice to identify and agree a suitable home support package.’

The report is pertinent for all members and the link to the whole report is: