June 2013 Newsletter

International Symposium at NUI Galway


Between Conflict and Solidarity: Intergenerational Relations in Recessionary Times

Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway, and the Social Policy and Ageing Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, hosted an International Symposium at NUI Galway on the theme "Between conflict and solidarity: intergenerational relations in recessionary times". The event was supported by a grant from the Irish Research Council and support from the Irish Gerontological Society.

Pictured (l to r) Professor Vern Bengtson, Research Professor of Social Work, University of Southern California, USA; Professor Thomas Scharf, Director, Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway; Professor Pearl Dykstra, Professor of Empirical Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Professor Svein Olav Daatland, Research Professor, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Oslo, Norway; Professor Chris Phillipson, Professor of Sociology and Social Gerontology, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, United Kingdom; Professor Virpi Timonen, Professor of Social Policy and Ageing, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


International Training Programme on Ageing

The Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI), working in collaboration with The Institute of Aging of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) – Trinity College Dublin will deliver an international training programme on ageing from 17 – 19 September 2013 in Dublin.

This programme, aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral students, will offer participants an opportunity to enhance their understanding of ageing from interdisciplinary and international perspectives; and to network with other emerging researchers as well as international mentors in ageing. Read more


Gender and Employment for Older Workers

International Network Meeting and Seminar funded by Irish Research Council

The workshop, which took place on 13th and 14th May, was funded by the Irish Research Council as part of their New Foundations Awards with support from the Whitaker Institute.

Photo: Members of the International Network

A team of international experts on gender and older workers from Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the USA met with colleagues from the ICSG, the School of Law and Global Women’s Studies at NUI Galway and from Trinity College Dublin to identify and discuss the most pressing issues around gender and employment for older workers and to identify a cross-national research agenda for publications and funding calls.

The group included economists, legal experts, sociologists and social gerontologists. A research focus was identified and plans were made to pursue cross-national publications on gender and older workers across the lifecourse and to secure funding for the continuation of the network. The network meeting ended with a stimulating lecture by Professor Debi Street from the University of Buffalo entitled (n)Ever (re)Productive. A U.S. Perspective on Gender, Work and the Life-course. The workshop was supported by the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology.


Improving Later Life: Understanding the Oldest of Old

People aged over 85 are the fastest growing age group and are rapidly becoming a whole new generation.  AgeUK outlines its concerns that there is a limited understanding amongst health and social care staff and policy-makers about what this group’s needs are. Report


Demand for Medical Training Shake-up To Care for Elderly

Herald Scotland, 25th May 2013

The new president of the British Geriatrics Society, Professor Paul Knight, a consultant at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, criticises the lack of training medical students and junior doctors receive on dealing with the complex needs of the elderly. Read more


Residential Care for the Elderly Meets the Digital Age

MedicalXpress, 29th May 2013

Strategically positioned sensors can track changes in a resident's health and mobility, while games and social media can keep brains active and ward off senility. Read more


Wrinkles May Effect How Older Adults are Treated in Medical Settings

NBC News.com (blog), 28th May 2013
This blog explores research studies discussed at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science on May 24th (Washinton, DC).

Facial wrinkles can cause the mouth to drop and the forehead to crinkle, features that others may misperceive as anger or sadness, said study researcher Carlos Garrido, a doctoral student in social psychology at Penn State University.


Modern-day Usage of Personal Technology Linked to Dementia

Bournemouth University (NZ), 10 May 2013
Brain diseases affecting more people and starting earlier than ever before.

Full bibliographic information
Source: Pritchard C, Mayers, A, Baldwin D (2013) Changing patterns of neurological mortality in the 10 major developed countries 1979-2010. Public Health.

Experts have found that more people are developing the symptoms of mental decline of dementia and scientists have blamed PCs, mobile phones, chemicals and electronic devices for the shift. New Zealand Herald


New Guidelines: Using Social Media for Care Workers

NHS Employers, 19th May 2013

NHS issues guidance to employees on prudent use of social media. Read more Download Guide: An Introduction to: Using Social Media in Your Career.


Scientists Find Remedy for Grey Hair!

BBC News, Health, 7th May 2013

University of Bradford researchers, under the leadership of Prof. Karin Schallreuter, devised their treatment after discovery of cause of greying. Read more

Abstract (FASEB Journal)



Cartoon by Eoin Kelleher.
Eoin is a fourth-year medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


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3rd - 7th June, RCPE Edinburgh

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