AGILE Launches Silver Book

AGILE have been involved in the first ever Silver Book: Quality Standards for the Emergency Care of Older People

Health and social care services must adapt to meet the urgent care needs of older people, argues a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders which today launches the Silver Book. This is a set of quality standards for the emergency care of older people. The launch coincides with the first ever Acute Medicine Awareness Day.

More older people than ever before are attending emergency departments and accessing urgent care services. There is a pressing need to address how older people are cared for over the first 24 hours of an urgent care episode. Attending an Emergency Department is associated with a high risk of admission for older people. Not only are older people admitted to hospital more frequently but they stay in hospital longer than other patient groups.

The Silver Book recommends ways in which emergency admissions can be reduced and the experience of those admitted improved. It considers all the clinical contacts which a patient might have during an emergency and suggests minimum standards and responses for each service including: primary care – in and out of hours; ambulance services; emergency departments; urgent care units – including minor injury units and walk-in-centres; acute medical units and community hospitals.

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