Covid-19 in the Older Person

27 April 2020

Webinar on Wed 29th April 2020

Mind Your Language!

21 April 2020

IGS Media Release 22 April 2020

Older People Need Diverse Supports in COVID-19 Crisis

16 April 2020

Diarmuid O'Shea, President IGS

New Tilda Reports to Aid Officials' Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

08 April 2020

COVID-19: TILDA researchers ramp up vital reports on Ireland’s ageing population to aid health officials’ response to pandemic

ECHO AIIHPC Webinar on Thurs. 8 April

07 April 2020

COVID-19 Info & Guidance for Nursing Homes

Drivetime RTE 1. Dr. Siobhán Kennelly

07 April 2020

National clinical advisory group lead for older people

Principles in the COVID-WORLD

01 April 2020

by Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea, IGS President

Announcement: COVID-19 - Webinars for Nursing Homes

27 March 2020


Ireland and Ageing in COVID-19 Times

27 March 2020

Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea, President IGS

Trinity Media Release

26 March 2020

Older adults deserve acknowledgement during COVID-19 crisis