Drivetime RTE 1. Dr. Siobhán Kennelly

07 April 2020

National clinical advisory group lead for older people

Principles in the COVID-WORLD

01 April 2020

by Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea, IGS President

Announcement: COVID-19 - Webinars for Nursing Homes

27 March 2020


Ireland and Ageing in COVID-19 Times

27 March 2020

Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea, President IGS

Trinity Media Release

26 March 2020

Older adults deserve acknowledgement during COVID-19 crisis

Message from IGS President, Dr. Diarmuid O'Shea

20 March 2020

Believe a further shore is reachable from here

Preliminary Clinical and Infection Control Guidance for COVID-19 in Nurse-led Residential Care Facilities (RCF).

18 March 2020

Guidance issued 17 March 2020

IGS 2019 Welcome Address by Minister Jim Daly

27 September 2019

IGS 65th Annual & Scientific Meeting 2019

Dr. Jack Flanagan Medal 2019

27 September 2019

Hosted by Trinity College Dublin

Thursday November 27th 2019

IGS 2019 Abstracts e-Journal Published

23 September 2019

 #IGS2019 abstract book and conference programme available now