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Syncope & Related Disorders Training Programme (IRL)
28 Feb - 2 Mar 2018
St. James's Hospital


The event is being held on 28th February, 1st & 2nd March 2018 in the 1st floor seminar rooms, MISA building, St James’s Hospital, Dublin.

This course is designed for healthcare professionals with an interest in syncope and related disorders, including physicians, clinicians and other healthcare professionals in acute and community settings (e.g. emergency departments; acute medical admission units; cardiology, neurology and medical gerontology units; nursing homes; and general practices).

Participants will meet with experts and gain knowledge through case studies, discussions of up-to-date research, ECG traces, and practical training sessions in the Falls and Syncope Unit at St. James’s Hospital. Participants will experience current best practice in the diagnoses and management of syncope and related disorders through multimodal teaching delivered by world experts.

Enquiries to: syncopetraining@stjames.ie  

I would appreciate if you would pass this information on to colleagues who may have an interest in attending this.

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Cora O’Connor


MISA Education and Training Coordinator

MISA Building

St James’s Hospital

Dublin 8

Phone +353 1 428 4224

Email: coroconnor@stjames.ie