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This is not My Beautiful House III
31 May 2018
O'Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance, NUI Galway
Admission: €20, Concessions: €8
Organised by: 
Bealtaine Festival


Bealtaine, Create and the Irish Architecture Foundation are delighted to deliver the third and final conference in this series which explores how collaborative and interdisciplinary arts practice engages with key issues impacting on our rights to adequate housing, public space and cultural lives as we get older.

This is not my Beautiful House III takes the concept of hospitality as its philosophical point of departure.  It could be said that the purest form of hospitality hinges on an attempt to create equal status for both the host and hosted.  If we take the host to mean societies and the hosted to mean citizens we can understand the neeed to create hospitable spaces that adapt to our needs as we age.

The event is aimed at policy makers, researchers, architects, artists, planners, community workers and older people active in housing issues as well as the general public.

Chaired by Dr. Gemma Carney (Social Gerontologist & Lecturer) with a keynote by Niall Crowley (Equality & Human Rights Expert) speakers include Rosie Webb, Phillipa Donnellan, Prof. Eamon O Shea, Vukasin Nedelijkovic, Ciarán Ferrie and Mamo McDonald.