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The impact of COVID-19 on the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of older people has been devastating and will be long-lasting. ​Your backing means that we can continue to bring new, useable, research-based knowledge to the fore. In particular, delivering this support to those professionals who are best placed to translate emerging research evidence into improved practices and policies for older people.

By helping the IGS now, you will be helping each one of us to reap the dividends of an improved experience of ageing so that we all can live our best lives as we get older.

Remembering the Irish Gerontological Society in your will is a meaningful way to support our work and help us to pursue our vision of a compassionate world for our ageing population where they benefit from the very best our united professions and disciplines can offer.

The Irish Gerontological Society (IGS) is a registered charity which is dedicated to providing leadership and advocacy, and driving improvements in the health, care and wellbeing of older people. We are dedicated to transforming the experience of ageing so that you can live your best life as you grow older. 

We are an all-Ireland, multidisciplinary society. Our members are academics, allied health specialists, doctors, economists, NGO’s in ageing, nurses, nursing home professionals, pharmacists, researchers, scientists, social workers, and others. As united champions of optimal ageing, our vision is an age-attuned and age-accommodating society, where older people are empowered to live with dignity, and where their many contributions are acknowledged and valued. 

Your donation will help us to foster new research and interdisciplinary collaboration, create innovative educational resources, disseminate timely new knowledge widely and provide world-class continuing education and professional development platforms.

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